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Fuel Your Family For Life is a 6 month programme created for busy mums, who care about the health and wellness of their family, and just know there is more to it than hustle, bustle and survival.

On the surface?  It’s about:

  • meal planning
  • fussy eating
  • time saving tips and strategies
  • packing nutritious lunch boxes
  • family organisation
  • integrating mindfulness strategies for you and your children into every day life

But really? It’s about:

  • finding YOU
  • personalised nutrition strategies for your family
  • creating an undercurrent of calm amongst the chaos
  • learning how to put your health and happiness at the forefront, enabling you to be the best role model for your family
  • creating strong connections with the important people in your life

Fuel Your Family for Life is designed for busy mums who know they could be more calm and organised and enjoying this precious time of their lives more, but feel overwhelmed by all the day-to-day pressures.  Busy mums who struggle to make their health and the health of their family a priority.  Busy mums who are so busy being busy mums that they forgot about themselves along the way.

By the end of Fuel Your Family For Life, you will understand:

  • how to implement nutritious meals into your family, that fit your lifestyle, budget and individual family needs
  • that fussy eaters CAN become adventurous eaters, and be equipped to strategies to empower that shift.
  • how to find the balance that works for you between being a mummy, a wife, working (inside or outside the home), and being YOU.
  • how simple mindfulness techniques for both you and your children can decrease anxiety and increase resilience
  • the importance of getting clear on the vision you have for yourself and your family
  • which tools can help make that vision a reality
  • find ways to reconnect with what you really want
  • how to develop stronger relationships
  • have new and exciting recipes for your family, catering for food allergies/sensitivities/special diets where applicable
  • how to create easy to follow meal plans
  • ways to get your children involved and interested in a healthy lifestyle
  • be inspired with simple and nutritious lunchbox ideas

And best of all, you’ll have the experience of working with a mum who understands first hand how busy life can be, who can help you …

The Finer Details:

Fuel Your Family For Life runs for 6 months and includes:

  • 1 x 1.5 hour goal-setting session to ensure we both have absolute clarity on what your vision for you and your family is
  • 3 x 50 minute strategy sessions per month (total of 18 sessions) where you will receive customised tools to allow you to get the results you desire for you and your family
  • Unlimited support between sessions so you are never stuck when it comes to making decisions for the wellness of you or your family.  What does that mean?  You e-mail me, and you get a response within 48 hours.  I help your to cut through the confusing different parenting and nutrition advice and remain true and authentic to what really works for you.

Why Six Months?

I have seen many health professionals myself, that give me the amazing advice, but they are unable to provide the support to allow it to be seen through.  Six months allows the time to make small manageable changes and embed them, in a time frame that allows for real change to accumulate, without the need for overwhelm.

Of course this is personal 1:1 coaching so it is tailored uniquely to you, but by the end of 6 months you can expect to have covered:

Month 1: Setting the Stage for Success

This first month is all about finding out where you are at now and where do you want to be in terms of you and your family’s health and happiness.  We also look at how to get the family on board with new food choices, with strategies and scripts to get everyone excited about the journey ahead.

Month 2: Focus on Food

During the second month we really start looking deeper at introducing healthy foods moving forward. Building confidence in the kitchen.  Negotiating the minefield of the supermarket and reading labels. We look at ways to simplify your food routine, eating to a family budget and eating mindfully.

Month 3: All About You

Now that we have introduced a way of eating to the family, it is time to focus on you.  This month we strategise how to fit some much deserved time for you into your busy life, how to slow down.  We work through some mindfulness techniques together that really can shift your mindset and your ability to cope with all that busy family life throws at you.

Month 4: Look How Far You’ve Come

It is time to review all the changes you have made so far for you and your family and celebrate how far you have come.  Together we can highlight and expand on areas that you need more support with.

Month 5: Creating a Calm Family

Yes, although I have 4 children and there is definitely a lot of craziness in my house (I wouldn’t have it any other way) there are strong undertones of calmness.  This month we look at integrating mindfulness practices for children into your daily life and strategise ways to create more family connection time. It is during this month that we also tackle strategies for creating adventurous eaters, and how to take the stress out of packing nutritious school/work lunches.

Month 6:  Making the Changes for Life

We use these last sessions to help what you most need help with at the time.  Creating a plan together for moving forward, so you feel supported.  Preparing for life after the programme.

The Fuel Your Family For Life programme

6 month package

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You will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if Fuel Your Family for Life coaching is right for you.

Scheduling the call does not obligate you to enrol in the coaching programme.

So seriously, what have you got to lose?

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