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My name is Bronwyn Hudson.  I am mummy to four amazing children, and adoring wife to Craig for over ten years.  I am a Family Health Coach and Wellness Strategist at Fuel Your Family and am currently studying a Masters in Science (Personalised Nutrition).  This is my story so far…

My mission is to help create connected, healthy and energised families.  This starts with optimising the health of my own family, and inspiring those around me to make healthier choices – in the food they put on their plate and the lifestyle choices they make.

Over the last ten years health and wellness strategies have been a big focus in my life, self-researching way to heal and obtain optimum health for those closest to me.

The journey back from Chronic Fatigue

My first real introduction into the importance of sound nutrition and lifestyle came when my husband went from being a professional athlete to a bed-ridden chronic fatigue sufferer literally overnight.  I spent hours and hours researching how to get my husband back, and through a combination of diet, exercise, sleep routine, and meditation he has returned to full health, with a full tool-box of strategies to help him when he gets out of balance.

The screaming reflux baby

Oh yes – if you have had one of these you will know what I mean!  Any parent who has experienced this knows you will do anything to help that desperate baby, and get some sanity back, and for me that meant putting my researching skills back in action.  In our unique situation this included a special diet for me as the breastfeeding mother.

The rashes and swelling

Then it turns out the reflux baby has a serious cows milk protein allergy, and the diet changed even more (along with many unexpected health improvements)!

The toddler with the constant sore tummy

Next came the second child who was tough as nails when injured, but always had a sore tummy.  After eventually trialing some nutritional changes on the advice of our fantastic GP, we had a new child within weeks.  Two years of sore tummies gone in three weeks!  After a food challenge confirmed gluten as the problem in this case (and the discovery that our family all react to gluten in some way), we now maintain a gluten-free diet for our whole household. Although this now means we have become a dairy-free, gluten-free and refined-sugar-free house!

The ones we are lucky to have

That’s me and child number three – who were fortunate to have immediate and fantastic care through a high-risk delivery. This little darling then continued to remind us of how lucky we were to have here though a series of apparent life-threatening events (unconscious or not breathing…), cause not clear.  It was during her first year of life that I learnt the real impact that stress has on the digestive system.

And then there was one more…

After the birth of our fourth child I suffered with many allergy-type reactions (more than usual for me even though I have been an allergy prone person my whole life).  The following 18 months have been spent working successfully on my digestive health, which in turn has led to a reduction in allergies due to so much of our immune system being in the gut.

As a mum of 4 young children, with varying dietary restrictions and health needs in our family, I understand how hard it is to find time to focus on yourself.

I am on a mission to get families eating REAL food, and making that manageable and affordable – and delicious.  And mums – I want to make sure you don’t get lost in all that!  I am here to help you find time for yourself, increase your energy levels and ditch that afternoon sugar craving.

You can read a little (okay, actually quite a lot) more about me and my family history here.

Are you curious about how working with me can help you and your family? Let’s talk. Schedule a FREE initial consultation with me today, available by phone or Skype from anywhere in the world.

Some of the less known things that make me ME:

  • I love the beach, and escaping to our bach (or half-a-bach as my son calls it).  No TV, no phone, very limited internet access – ahhhhhhhh
  • I can no longer just pop down to the bach – as we have recently embarked on a family adventure around the world from New Zealand to reside in the UK.  We are loving exploring the beautiful countryside and incredible history, and loving having Europe on our doorstep!
  • I love Dr Seuss
  • I am a self-taught (thanks to YouTube) sewer, which I turned into a business for a couple of years, and have now sold
  • I am a researcher and natural-born seeker of new information
  • I met my man on Millenium New Years Eve, at the Papamoa Tavern – how’s that for classy (thanks Ry).  We have been on quite some journey together so far – with lots more adventures to come!
  • I am a natural organiser (some may say over organiser, but I think you can never be too organised)
  • I hate cleaning – hence despite being incredibly organised my house is usually in quite some state most days
  • I had a lot of trouble (and assistance) conceiving initially, then it took me having 4 children in less than 5 1/2 years (no twins) to realise that I no longer had any fertility problems
  • In 8 years I have had just 4 months not pregnant or breastfeeding (and I still miss that stage!)
  • I get up at 5am, just so that I can have ME time
  • My latest fitness fun is boxing – and I have recently acquired my own girly pink gloves
  • I have a spidey-sense of smell – annoying at times, but it also warns me away from anything toxic (I could even smell the chlorine in my shower water until we installed a filter)
  • I never do anything the easy way
  • I am a cloth nappy user (actually no more…I have finally left the nappy stage behind me!), make most of my the cleaning and beauty products for me and my family, and use more homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic and food therapies than conventional medicine
  • My pantry contains no sugar, wheat-flour, and my fridge only the occasional dairy.  My children were never fed baby rice, don’t have cereal for breakfast or sandwiches for lunch, and none of their snacks from home contain added sugar
  • Despite the above I only recently realised that I am considered somewhat alternative by some (possibly even many?)
  • I genuinely love putting new healthy, nutritious and delicious meals on the table
  • I am happiest at home, and often entertain the thought of homeschooling
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